Friday, 17 June 2011

What the Dr Said

Took both Joseph and Leila to the drs today. It seems Joseph has a nasty ear infection and she's prescribed some penicillin, also we have some lactose to soften his stools. So along with his rotation of paracetamol and ibuprofen fingers crossed my little man will be a happy chap again soon. I feel bad about not taking him sooner but there were no obvious signs of illness, no temperature, rashes etc.

Leila was diagnosed with Asthma a couple of weeks ago and had to go back to see how she was getting on with her inhaler. I was told at the last appointment only to give it to her if she was breathless or coughing a lot. Well because she's been having it more than three times a day they have given her another inhaler. The first was a reliever and the new one a preventer. She also has another reliever to take to school with her.

Leila has also visited the dentist today for five fillings. (Lucy's teeth were fine at last weeks check up) Because they are her milk teeth no anaesthetic was required and only a minimal amount of drilling. She was very brave.
I've been trying to figure out why her teeth are so bad and Lucy's are fine even though their diets are similar. I thought maybe it was because I breast fed Leila for longer, or maybe she has too much fruit, she doesn't have many sweets or fizzy or sugared pop. But I do believe that some people are just lucky in the teeth department and some are not.

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