Thursday, 21 June 2012

School Review

We went to the school yesterday to speak to Lucy's teacher about her progress. She was really pleased with her as she's doing very well. Even her behaviour has improved a lot. Recently they had their SATs tests and Lucy was above average in everything. The English test was very long and Lucy put her hand up to say she was finished, but the teacher told her to turn over and  she let out a huge sigh, this happened twice more until Lucy decided that she'd had enough and refused to do the last page. She still managed to get an above average score!
With her older brother English was his bad point, he was more a numbers person, but Lucy seems to manage both well. Contrary to the belief that autistic children have poor imaginations, Lucy's is really good.
The teacher was telling us how different things are on a 'bad' day, but these seem to be getting fewer. With her class if anyone refuses to do something the teacher asks they are told to go to the headmaster and tell him that they refuse and why. Most of the children then suddenly do as asked without further ado. Lucy, however, has no qualms in marching to the headmaster and telling him exactly why she doesn't want to do as she is told! eek!
She has to take something from home with her to school every day. I think this helps her feel closer to home and more safe in school. The teacher is good about this but Lucy has to understand that there are certain times she is allowed to play with her chosen item from home.
overall, I'm very happy with her current progress. The next big step is moving class. That I'm not looking forward to, and neither is Lucy.

Additional edit: Lucy told me this morning that she's really looking forward to moving to year 3, when I asked why she said because they get four pieces of toast instead of two. How nice, Lucy doesn't even eat toast!

Monday, 18 June 2012

Funny Things Kids Say

Lucy "Mummy, you need to teach Cassie a lesson"
Me "why is that?"
Lucy "She needs to learn how to shut the door!"

Leila "Mummy, can we go out somewhere after school tomorrow"
Me "where would you like to go Leila?"
Leila "Africa"

Tuesday, 5 June 2012