Sunday, 4 November 2012

Is it Because He's a Boy?

What a time I'm having with my Little Man lately. My girls are angels in comparision, I've never been so worn out by a child I'm really feeling my age.

  •  while I was trying to iron the school uniforms for tomorrow he was sitting under the ironing board moaning because I wasn't giving him my full attention.
  • he kept messing with his sister's game console every possible chance he could, eventually causing it to freeze and a major tantrum from sister.
  • every single drink I made him, even though they were in lidded cups, ended up all down his front, over the cat or over the settee.
  • several times I had to fetch him from the toilet where he likes to put anything and everything down the bowl.
  • he fetched the kiddie step from the bathroom sink to put up the kitchen sink and managed to reach inside to find a knife (no fun having a bathroom downstairs, at least I can stop him from getting upstairs)
  • He sneaked away a bottle of cleaning fluid that I was using and even though I'd replaced the child safety cap he'd managed to open by the time I'd chased him to the living room with it. (thank goodness I'd noticed him take it and was hot on his trail!)
  • after I'd gone to fetch a cloth to wipe up the mess he'd made with a cup of juice he grabbed my cup of tea that I'd just made and poured it on the floor. He did spill some on himself but was so wet with cold juice it was diluted and he avoided burning himself. (normally, the tea is not left in his reach but I literally had just brought it in the room when I had to snatch the juice off him and put it down without thinking while I grabbed something to clean up his mess)
  • he's attacked 3 of our 4 cats, the other one doesn't come indoors until he's gone to bed.
  • he threw a remote control at his sister bruising her eye.
  • he ripped off a piece of wallpaper from the living room. I'm about to re-decorate and am planning on paint rather than paper this time.
  • he's bitten me twice during nappy changes
  • he played up for almost an hour at bedtime
Apart from the dangerous things (the tea and cleaning fluid) these are things that occur on a daily basis. Yesterday he managed to screw up the cable tv box. 
The only reason he doesn't cause more damage is because 99 percent of the time I am giving him my complete attention, even if I have other things to do, like housework. (admittedly, he's pretty good with a duster, although I have to put him outside in his pushchair if I vacuum because he screams the house down he hates it so much) 
I long for his nap time, unlike bedtime he goes to sleep really quick. I have to wake him after an hour or he won't sleep at night, but that hour is bliss.
I also like mealtimes, even though he makes a mess at least he's restrained by his highchair and I can actually sit down for five minutes without having to keep getting up to see what he's up to.
Maybe it's my age, maybe it's because I've been spoilt having two relatively well behaved little girls previously, or maybe it's because he's a boy? He has such angelic looks, and when he's curled up in bed (usually next to me as he hates his own bed) he's the most adorable creature on earth. But he's just a little devil, a crazy whirlwind of destruction and naughtiness while at the same time being clingy and hating mummy doing anything but giving him 100 percent attention. Don't get me wrong, he gets the attention (yes, I even have to play with him while I'm on the loo) so it's not because he's missing it. Please please please let it be a phase that he'll soon grow out of. I don't know how much more I can take.