Friday, 30 December 2011

Forgot to mention..... my last post, that Joseph has stopped his constant moaning all day long....well, he had, it's back again now but that's because he is poorly. We had got so used to it that it took us a few days to notice that he wasn't grisling all the time, then we started to enjoy it and lo and behold, he's one lovely happy little boy. Now he's got a chest and an ear infection and the poor mite is miserable and suffering, but hopefully the anti-biotics will kick in quickly and we can have happy Joseph back again.
Oh, and today he said 'Joseph' plain and clear :-)

Will be back to tell you about Christmas soon x

Thursday, 15 December 2011

ohhhh Big Changes!

Joseph is suddenly coming along in leaps and bounds, it's hard to believe that just a few months ago he preferred to lie on his back unmoving, now I can't keep him still.
He's not walking yet but can stand holding on to things and has cruised the furniture a little. He's also walked a little with his baby walker, very much penquin like waddling, but he's getting there. I said he'd be walking by Christmas but that may be a little optimistic, it won't be long now though.
He's also become more vocal, he says 'hello' quite clearly and almost says 'Leila' (lella) he also says 'night night' (nigh nigh) He's probably about 50 words behind Lucy at this stage, but at least I know there is nothing wrong, he's just slower.
He's much more inquisitive than Lucy or Leila ever were. We have to watch him every second, he doesn't leave anything alone, the tv, the computer, the washing machine, the cooker etc. I'm actually dreading when he can reach higher.....the poor poor Christmas tree!

Just one more area to improve..,.....his sleeping pattern, he's still waking at least 3 times a night.

I'm still worried about Leila's hearing and am determined to get her tested soon. I'll take her to GP when they are off school. She's not just 'not listening' or being naughty, she really does hear things differently. She speaks differently too. It's so hard to tell because she's so young but I'm going to get her checked out anyway. I had hearing problems up until I was 8 years old when I had an op. I still have weird hearing now, I can't distinguish seperate sounds in a room full of different noises. It's known as Cocktail Party syndrome.

Lucy is still Lucy, we are starting to get more aggression and frustration from her now. She's beginning to notice that she doesn't fit in at school. It's heartbreaking but I've been here before and I will help her all I can. She will be getting an assessment at school soon and then hopefully be assigned a permenent helper who will know exactly what she needs.

Craige is getting more and more worked up, probably because Christmas is approaching and it's how he behaves when big events are due.

Cassie lost her infected toe nail that she's suffered with for two years now!

And there you go, an update on all 5 :-)