Tuesday, 7 February 2012

So How Come....

Joseph can insert a game, turn on the DS and press the buttons, but he can't bloomin' walk yet?
He's slowly getting there though, more and more he's letting go and taking a few steps, I'm sure it's just a confidence thing. He's eighteen months old in a couple of days, so he'd better be mobile soon.
His speach is picking up, he has a little repertoire now, mostly only I can understand, but he's getting there. He can say, Leila, Lucy, meow, hot, dark, nigh nigh and I'm sure there are a couple more he's said once or twice.
Like Lucy he's an excellent singer (Leila is tone deaf, bless her) He's a big fan of Kasabian, particularly 'Days Are Forgotten' which he loves to 'sing' along to.
He likes to scream a lot, there is nothing wrong with him, I think he's just getting used to what he can do with his voice and screaming is something he can do really well, really really well, you just can't shut him up!
He's still not sleeping through the night yet :-(

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