Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Next Mummy Bloggers Event

I was invited, along with the little ones, to the Next Mummy Bloggers Event. It was held at Crockwell Farm in Northampton, about 50 miles away from home. After much deliberation I decided to take just the girls and leave the little man with his dicky tummy at home with daddy. We started out just after 9am and I wrote down some simple instructions on how to get there for Lucy to read to me. I had to give Leila a map as she felt left out. I knew how to get to the motorway but I let the girls instruct me anyway, Lucy did really well so I felt confident in trusting her when we left the motorway. For the first time, I think, ever I managed to reach a new destination without getting lost!!! From now on, Lucy gets the travel instructions, she's so much better than her dad.
We arrived at Crockwell Farm just before 11am when the event was to start. The girls wasted no time in getting their faces painted. Leila chose to be a beautiful pink pussycat;

Lucy chose to be a dragon;

They then watched a magic show and I had a wander. I went to the 'spa' room and booked myself in for a manicure. Then I grabbed myself a coffee and sat where I could see the girls. It was soon time for my manicure and I chose a lovely pink shade for my nails. I then had a lovely back massage which worked wonders. I'd taken pain killers to take for my pain but ended up not needing them. Finally, I treated myself by having my eyebrows threaded, something I'd not tried before.
Then feeling pampered, I gathered up the girls who where now on the bouncy castle and we had some lunch. Lucy, being Lucy, dropped her plate on the floor making a terrible mess. Then she didn't eat anything anyway. Leila ate a little but was more interested in the ice cream. They were both keen to get back to the kids entertainment. 
I had  look at the children's clothes on display and saw some lovely pieces I'd have like to have taken there and then. Particularly the little boys clothes. There were some lovely tu tu's the girls would have loved, I will probably get them for Christmas. 
Before leaving we were given goody bags filled with winter warmers. Then we were off on our trip home.
The girls fell asleep in the car so I know they had had a good time.

A few more photo's of our day.
Leila enjoying her ice cream

a magic show

bouncy castle

little boy outfit

I also recieved a £75 gift card from Next which I spent in the summer sale :-)
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