Monday, 13 September 2010

Five Weeks Old

Remember that hip scan last week that I was really not worried about? Well, it turns out that Joseph has an immature hip and we have to go back for another scan on 28th September. Fingers crossed it's ok by then, but if there is a problem at least it will be dealt with early.

Joseph has now almost entirely swapped from breast to bottle. The guilty feelings are slipping away but it's not the easy option. Getting up in the middle of the night and making bottles while he screams his head off is not nice at all. With the girls it was a quick pull into the bed and I didn't even have to be properly awake for them to get their fill and go back to sleep. He does sleep for slightly longer between feeds though. He's a greedy baby so I still offer him the breast inbetween bottles occasionally, but he's now showing a preference for the bottles and will get fussy nursing. I knew it would happen, I expected him to completely changed to bottles by now so why does it feel so wrong?

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