Tuesday, 18 January 2011

We started weaning!

I thought maybe it was time to get started on the weaning. I bought a high chair but Joseph looks so small in it. He can sit up straight but he's not really reaching the tray yet so I'm thinking the feeding himself will not be happening too soon. I've given him a baby biscuit to suck on but he needs loads more practise in getting it in his mouth. And then when a bit breaks off he just spits it out.
I tried him with baby rice but I swear he was spitting it out faster than I could put it in. I tried him with baby cereal and he held his lips tightly shut. I tried him with fromage frais and he spat it back at me. I tried him with rusk in milk and although he wouldn't let the spoon in at first, I opened my mouth wide and he copied me. I popped some in, just a tiny little bit and he took it, but he did have a look on his face which said "what am I supposed to do now?" So I did a chewing motion with my mouth and he copied. I offered him another spoon and he opened up quickly, and when that was gone he opened his mouth ready for the next before I was ready. So success with the rusk.
Tomorrow I'm going to try him with a little pear puree. I really didn't want to go down the puree route but I figured he needs to get used to having things in his mouth and to get used to tastes. He's really not ready to feed himself yet and I don't want to leave it too late. I wouldn't have weaned him sooner unless I though he really needed it, but leaving it too late can cause problems too.

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