Friday, 27 May 2011

Might have had a breakthrough -

Now Joseph has been able to sit up since four months old and sit alone quite safely from six months, but I've just discovered he doesn't like sitting up much, he's happier lying down on his back!

I noticed that he seemed happy to stay lying after his nappy change so today I just left him there and he's been quiet for ages. He's got all his toys around him and keeps picking different things up. I've not known him go so long without moaning for ages.

It's funny but when he's sitting on my lap he's always trying to lie back too, I often sit with him sprawled out accross my knees, and he's even happier if he can hang his head down backwards.

He's still got no interest in crawling or taking his own weight on his feet, lift him up and he goes floppy. Maybe I've given birth to a rag doll? The paranoid mummy in me keeps thinking there is something wrong with him, but the sensible mum of five head tells me to just keep watching and give him time. I already have a long list for the health visitor at his first year check up.

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