Thursday, 5 May 2011

Oh My!

I love my little man, I really really do, he's gorgeous and funny and smells devine. Nothing makes me happier than cuddling him in my arms.....
he does cry so much, I mean all day long, and mostly for no reason I can see. I've tried everything but I just can't figure him out. He feeds well and loves his food, but I can't feed him all day long just to keep him happy. He likes going out in his pushchair, but I can't push him around all day long just to keep him happy.
He doesn't sleep much either. In fact he won't sleep at all unless I'm in smelling distance. I don't have to be touching him but if I move away he'll wake and he'll cry. I've taken to having him downstairs with me all evening until I go to bed, and then he sleeps in bed with me. It's the only way to get any sleep at all. It's not like I can leave him to cry it out if I wanted to, not when he has to share with his sisters.
He reminds me so much of Craige in so many ways. Craige was my first so I thought it was normal for a baby to be so damn miserable all the time, until I had his sister seventeen months later and she was a little angel. All my girls have been great, apart from Lucy, who had bad colic and was a bad sleeper but she's ok now.
It's getting me down so much. I have so many other things going on at the moment that I can't handle the stress of a crying baby. It's not that I don't give him enough attention, we do loads together, but I'm not allowed to do anything else at all, ever, if I'm not giving Joseph attention then Joseph his crying his little head off.
please, please, please let it be a phase he'll grow out of very soon.


  1. Hi. Sorry, no great advice but just wanted to send you a hug. Hopefully its just a phase. My daughter was similar in that she really really cried at bedtime for a while. My son though is a very easy baby so I have found things easier this time around. Is there anyone around who can give you a bit of a break now and then? x

  2. No wonderful advice from me... but having been there twice funny enough both times with boys.. All I can say is they do grow out of it... (((hugs)) its not easy being a mum x

  3. DD1 was just the same, horrendous wanted to chuck her out the window. She had cranial oesteopathy which helped and I used a tape of white noise to help her settle at night and for naps. I also wore her a lot in a sling. Much tougher when you have other young children to care for. xxxxx

  4. Ethan was the same regarding not sleeping unless I was close by. He also seemed to really 'need' me pretty much all of the time he was awake. As he was my last I just went with the flow as much as time and common sense allowed. He did eventually stop being so needy at night and slept through. However, he still likes to know where I am at all times and for what it's worth I always want to know where he is at all times too as he's such a little poppet ;) . Long may that bond last imo. Once they sleep through you can achieve's hoping it's soon for you and your little man.