Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Joseph can now straighten his legs and put his feet on the floor when you hold him up. He's almost standing!!!

He's also getting more expert at his bottom shuffling, he can make it into the kitchen now...of course just like his sisters before him he makes a bee line for the cat food!

Other than that things are much the same, moany moany macaroni all day long. Such a shame because when he does smile he lights up the world.

His current night time routine has reverted back to exactly as it was when he was a few weeks old :-( I'm hoping it's either a growth spurt or teething. I can't not comfort him during the night as we are overcrowded and I can't risk him waking up everyone else. So it's only me who suffers, but it won't last forever. (fingers tightly crossed)

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