Friday, 5 August 2011

One Year Review

Joseph was a little charmer for the health visitor, all smiles and flirting like he is when anyone else is around. He is slightly overweight at 26lb, and not as tall as the girls. The health visitor was concerned about his lack of mobility, his constipation and his lack of sleep. She arranged a further review in a couple of months for his mobility, told me to visit the GP about his constipation and gave me some advice to help him sleep...(yeah, you try sleeping in a room with four other people)
I took him to the GP who said he wasn't drinking enough. Oh great, thanks for that, what a waste of time. Graham reckons we should change surgeries, I'm beginning to think maybe he's right.
The last couple of days have really got me down. No sleep and crying almost all day. He's the most difficult baby I've ever had, and that's saying something considering how awful Craige was, and Lucy wasn't good either.

Anyway, worried about his mobility, and his floppiness, and the way he prefers to be lying down or upside down I decided to do some googling (I know, googling is a sin, but we all do it don't we?)  I came across Hypotonia, a floppy baby syndrome. Joseph has 9 out of the 10 symptoms. Still, it's best to talk to someone with experience so I've just posted on Babycentre to ask other mum's of their experience and giving them a complete profile of Joseph's symptoms since birth, maybe someone will be able to advise me. Then I'll take back to the chocolate teapot GP next week and demand further investigation.

There is not much that can be done for hypotonia other than physio, but you do need to get baby checked for underlying symptoms which could have caused it. Joseph is a clever little boy so I don't think there is anything else to worry about though. Or is that just me being optimistic?

By the way, the symptom he doesn't have is the inablility to feed himself. He's quite good at finger feeding, although he doesn slip down his high chair and we have to keep propping him up. I thought at first he was too young for it, but surely at 1 a child is not too small for a high chair?

Oh and as I've just been complaining about his immobility, I suppose I should add that in the last few days he's started to move!! He's bum shuffling, just a little but he's definately moving. Yeah, go little man!

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