Sunday, 9 October 2011

We are moving properly now!

Sorry I've not updated for a while but there is some news to report, last week Joseph started crawling! I guess he decided the bum shuffling was just to slow and just got up on his hands and knees and was off. Now he's into everything, he especially likes peeling off my wallpaper /sigh.
He's not standing or cruising yet though, although I believe he's thinking about it, he's starting reaching up things like tables and the settee, so maybe he'll pull himself up soon? He still doesn't stand or walk if you hold him up though, he just buckles mostly.
He's still the world's biggest moaner. whinge whinge whinge from morning to night, night to morning. He's still waking at least 3 times every single night. And we are up around 5-6 am.
Sometimes though he does the cutest things though, and he's a real charmer around other people. Today at church he was playing peek-a-boo with an old lady. Then he picked up a hymn book and started dancing and 'singing'
And you can't help but love him to bits when he smiles.
Tomorrow I'm going to steal one of his golden locks to keep forever, I'm worried he'll turn dark like the rest of my brood although he has stayed blonde for the longest so far.

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