Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Sick, yuk!

It all started last Thursday. I woke around 2am to see Leila standing by my bed. "Can I come in with you mummy?" she said, I was so tired I just let her, it's not like she does it very often. Ten minutes later Graham came to bed and complained about the smell. Looking at Leila's bed we realised she'd be very very sick! But it got worse, because she'd also had a bit of an accident (to put it mildly) out of the other end.......eeeek! All over our bed. I don't know how much worse it would have been had she not been wearing pyjama pants! So a clean up operation took place and soon (like half the night later) we were all back into clean beds and sleeping soundly.
Friday, Leila had a few nasty poo's but no accidents, and no more sick.

Saturday, Joseph starting being sick, and continued throughout the night, throughout Sunday, throughout Monday, but which time it was coming out both ends (So to speak) He has not kept anything at all inside him, even though his diet was reduced to water only, he still continued to throw up. I took him to the dr but she said he's not dehydrated so there was nothing to do but keep giving him water.
Today, four days later, he's only been sick a couple of times and filled one nappy, so fingers crossed it's slowing down. It would be nice to get through the night without cleaning up sick.
Then tomorrow it's time to get the carpet cleaner out!!!

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