Wednesday, 2 November 2011

still sick!

It's now Joseph's 12th day of being sick. He's eating a little now and able to drink during the day, but night times are a different story. I'm taking him back to the dr this afternoon. I'll probably get more of the same 'there is nothing we can do' but surely 12 days of being sick is not right for a 14 month old little man?

Edit: Drs was waste of time again. I don't care I'll keep taking him if he doesn't get better. I've lost a lot of faith in my surgery ever since Leila was prescribed with cough linctus when she had pneumonia.

on the lighter side; Leila was pestering me in the bathroom this morning so I told her to 'skedaddle' she went straight to the bottom of the stairs and started calling her dad. When I asked her why she said I'd told her to 'get dad up'
I do worry about her hearing sometimes!

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