Sunday, 27 January 2013

The Not So Little, Little Man

I thought I'd do an update on the Little Man Joseph seeing as I haven't done one for a while.
Considering he was such a slow starter he's caught up so well now. I'd say he was well on par for any two and a half year old (even though he's not quite 2 1/2 yet)
At one year old his preferred position was lying flat out on the floor with no attempts at moving. When he did start moving it was bum shuffling and he had no desire to stand or cruise the furniture. He finally started walking at 22 months, almost two years!! I know that's not that unusual but when you are a mother of five and four of them had all walked before their first birthday, it was a bit of a shock for me. Also, there was the language delay. I have a friend with a little man six weeks younger than Joseph (and he was walking at one year old) who's language skills were really brushing up at the stage where Joseph was just beginning to say mummy and daddy properly. Now children develop at different rates, I'll tell anyone this, it's true, it doesn't mean anything. And it's so easy to say when it's your child leaps and bounds ahead of the other parent you are telling it too. When it's your own child, and you already have two kids with disabilities, the worries just spin endlessly around in your head.
So here we are just months later (around seven) and it's like I have a completely different child on my hands. Not only does he walk, he runs, jumps, climbs, dances, goes up and down stairs (Lucy didn't master this until about three years old) and doesn't even use a buggy any more. His language is great too, he talks in sentences, can sing whole songs, and his pronunciation is really good too. He can recognise some numbers when he sees them (7 and 9) and can count to 12. He has truly caught up.  You would not believe he was a slow starter at all. See, all children develop at different rates, even ones in the same family.

While I'm here I will inform you that I am winding down this blog. It's been great recording my pregnancy and early years of my little man and  I will keep it here and add to it infrequently for my own benefit more than anything else. I'll update on my five 'babies' when I need to on my other blog Raisie Bay This will be my main blog from now on and that's where you will find me.

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