Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Week 8, Almost Two Months

Stop, slow down, time is flying by so fast and Joseph is growing by the minute. He's my last baby don't ya know, I want to keep him a baby for as long as I can but at this rate if I blink he'll be at school.

Today Joseph had his 8 week check up and first immunisations. First he was weighed and measured and the little porker came in at 14lb 8oz which put him on the 91st percentile. Not much of a surprise, both Lucy and Leila were on the 91st percentile, and they were on the same line for length. Joseph, however, is a bit of a shortie, he only reaches the 50th percentile for length. So now I have to take him to be weighed every fortnight to make sure he's not gaining too much.

He was a good boy for his immunisations, the first he managed a little whimper, the second he did cry but not for long. Just four weeks and we have to do it again but I swear it's more painful for me to watch.

He's becoming more aware now, he loves to sit in his bouncy cradle and watch the lights on the playbar. His little hands are starting to reach out for things too. He's still not sleeping much but at least he is sleeping at night more than in the day. I've started to keep a record of when he sleeps and eats so I can begin working on a routine for him.

We are also getting a few gurgles from him now along with the smiles. He's becoming a real little person.

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