Friday, 22 October 2010

Week 10

This week we moved on to hungry baby milk and it seems to be working so far. Joseph is now taking one less bottle a day and going longer inbetween feeds. I've also changed his bottle teats for a bigger size which seems to have improved his wind problems. He's still not sleeping through the night though, but I don't really expect him to. It is amazing how many others expect him to though, I'm always being asked if he sleeps through yet, and get sad looks when I say no. If I was younger and inexperienced I'd probably be worrying there was something wrong. There is something special about those middle of the night quiet feeds with just me and my little man, I'll be quite sad when they stop.

Today we went to a playgroup with my friend and her baby. I know our babies are a bit too young but it's still nice to get out of the house and mingle with other mum's. They do have a nice baby area with lots of pillows and baby toys, it won't be long before Joseph will be enjoying himself there.

I was supposed to have had Joseph weighed this week but Leila had an upset tum and was off nursery. I didn't really want to risk spreading anything amongst little babies, so we kept away to be on the safe side.

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