Thursday, 14 October 2010

week 9

We've had a couple of moody days with Joseph this last week and couple of really good days, but nothing really special or different to report so today I want to talk about Joseph's sisters.
It's been obvious from the start that Leila (3yrs) is jealous of Joseph. She's always been really close to me and now I'm spending so much time with Joseph she's feeling left out. On the positive side she does really love Joseph and doesn't try to harm him. She doesn't tell me to put him down but she will sit really close to me while I have him and is constantly looking for reassurance that I still love her too. It could be a lot worse, but it's something I expected and I think we are both dealing quite well. The rest of the family, however, are not so tolerant. She's constantly being told to leave mummy and Joseph alone, sometimes quite angrily. I'm worried that my hard work at being tolerant will be destroyed if no-one backs me up, but we have confliction ideas as they think I should be persuading her to be less clingy. She's not that clingy, she goes to nursery every day without any problems.

Lucy is completely different. She has barely taken any notice of Joseph since he was born. If he cries then Leila will run to him but Lucy doesn't even seem to hear. She hasn't played with him, or talked to him, she's just not interested at all. But, the other day I let Leila hold Joseph's bottle for a while and suddenly Lucy wanted a turn too. I think that was probably more to do with her sibling rivalry with Leila that her wanting anything to do with Joseph. Maybe she will take more notice of him when he's older?

Cassie has surprised me the most. She was barely interested in Lucy and Leila as babies but with Joseph she has been a little different. She's picked him up for cuddles and even says nice things about him. (She used to say some horrible things about her little sisters) I think she's started to mature a little.

Craige is Craige, what more can I say.

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