Wednesday, 11 April 2012

And the Goodness continues!

Today we had a day trip to Cosford RAF museum. Probably not a first choice for two little girls and a toddler but daddy is a big airplane fanatic....and it was free to get in. I mean FREE! Not like the small fortune you have to pay to see the fish at the Sealife Centre, or the chocolate at Cadbury World.
Anyway, I had my driving instructions although I knew approximately 15 miles of the 23 mile journey already, the last bit needed writing down. We took a wrong turn, ok, I took a wrong turn but he was giving me instructions so I think it's fair to say we ;-) So it took us a little longer than expected to get there. The kids were fantastic in the car, they didn't moan at all. Joseph had a nap which was great as it was around his regular nap time anyway and he gets grumpy if he goes without.
Just before we got there the heaven opened and it rained really hard, oh great I thought, but then as we pulled into the car park it stopped and the sun came out again. Good omens!
The girls loved the place, even with their daddy rambling on and on about the planes, they listened and were really interested. (wish I could have mustered the same enthusiasm, planes, not my thing) Joseph was a cherub in his pushchair, not a peep, well ok, a little peep of excitement every now and then aimed at his big sisters whom he adores.
We had lunch, no complaints.
We walked and walked and looked at planes, and went to the shop. We bought sweeties and little gifts for the girls, I spent less than a tenner!
We then found the children's area, all focused on learning about how planes fly but in a really fun way. The girls loved it and I got Joseph out of the pushchair for a little run around. He was quite amusing pushing bigger kids out of the way so he could push the buttons. Then the girls and their dad went into the flight simulator while I took the little man for a well needed nappy change.
Then the journey home, slightly shorter as I didn't get it wrong this time, and I mean 'I' because he wasn't helping at all, too busy looking at his book about planes :-)
The kids were great again, only Lucy moaned a little because she wanted a drink. I had to pull over and buy her one to get any peace. The other two napped or sang along to Kasabian.
So another good day, with very well behaved children and fairly well behaved adults too.
And now just for your pleasure, here is a photo of a plane (Just don't ask me which one)

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  1. Its a test plane made of stainless steel.something like 886..was used to se what happens at high altitude and high speed.