Monday, 23 April 2012

Mummy Leaves Daddy in Charge.

This weekend went so quickly it felt like we were on fast forward. I went out for the day on Saturday, from 9am until 6pm leaving daddy as the sole parent. I went to the Blogcamp event and wrote all about it here.

The girls were happy for me to leave, Joseph cried a little but only for a few minutes, and I had a whole day without them.
On return I had big hugs off Leila and Joseph, their faces lit up as I came into the room, but they hadn't missed me much, they had been good for most of the day. No, daddy didn't tell me that, it was obvious because he still had hair left on his head. When I got home daddy was calm, busy cooking and the house was fairly tidy, so I know that things hadn't been bad.
I didn't think that Lucy had missed me. There was no excitement on my return like the other two had shown. She didn't ask me any questions about where I'd been which is what you'd expect from a child her age. Just before bed I had a cuddle off her and asked her if she's missed me, she said 'no'

I don't like leaving my kids, although I feel more comfortable leaving them with daddy than I do with anyone else. I have to admit, it's nice to have a day where I can be me for a few hours rather than on mummy on her kids beck and call.

Next time I'm leaving them for longer! As a birthday treat I'm taking Cassie to London to see a show and we are staying overnight.

So Saturday passed by quickly and Sunday was spent catching up on all the chores I didn't get done on Saturday, washing, ironing, cleaning etc. Well, you can't expect daddy to do it all and look after the kids, that's what mummies are for!

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