Saturday, 14 April 2012

Five Hours Sleep!

Yes, that's right, last night I slept for  five hours undisturbed. The little man didn't wake, the girls didn't wake and the old man didn't wake me up when he crawled into bed at whatever hour. I woke up because I was having a disturbing dream. Ah well, at least I slept long enough to dream.
We have the little man's new bed waiting to be assembled. When the girls go back to school on Tuesday we are going to send Joseph to his nanna and set about re-arranging the bedroom so we can put up his new bed. Fingers crossed he'll like it and sleep in it. He's never spent a whole night in his cot so it will be a novelty for us if he sleeps in his bed. The girls were the same, they hated their cots, but once in their beds the were fine.
Oh, and finally, Leila is out of night time nappies. I was wary because she is a very heavy sleeper and wouldn't wake up to go, but she's been dry all week now so that's one less expense for me.
Looking ahead, another 18 months and this could be a completely nappy and buggy free house. Hard to imagine!

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