Monday, 16 August 2010

He's Here!

My little man has arrived. Joseph Frederick Sweet was born on 9th August 2010 by elective caesarean section at 9.50am. He was 8lb 10oz and is absolutely adorable.

I went to the hospital at 7.30am on the Monday morning where I was taken to a room with two other ladies booked in for sections. We were given the usual obs. blood pressure, urine test etc and gowned up ready for our operations. Then the midwife went off to find out which one of us was first. She came back and said me. I was happy that it was going to be sooner than later but also completely terrified. So we went down to the theatre and I went in while Graham was being gowned. I started to panic straight away, operating theatres are scary places and it seemed very crowded with staff. They got me to sit on an incredibly small operating table and put my feet on the chair ready for the spinal block. Then Graham came in and I was so relieved to see him I started crying. I was soon calm though and the the block was administered. It wasn't horrible but it wasn't pleasant either and looking back it was the worst part of the operation. I was then quickly manouvered onto the bed in lying position before the anaesthetic started to work. The anaesthetist kept spraying me with a freezing cold spray at intervals but soon I couldn't feel a thing. Everything happened quickly then. A screen was put up across my chest and the surgeons began their work. The aneathetist kept reassuring me over my shoulder and Graham was there holding my hand and talking to me. I couldn't feel a thing, not even a tugging which I'd been told to expect.

I could hear the surgeons talking and they became excited when they could see my baby, it was lovely that even though they must perform hundreds of such operations that they still got excited when baby was about to be born. As soon as he was out they popped him up over the screen to show him to us and I'll never forget that first glimpse of my gorgeous baby. Graham went over to cut the cord and came back beaming. Then I got to see Joseph close up and gave him a kiss and a stroke before he was whisked off to recovery and I waited to be stitched back together.

During this time the anaethetist talked to me as Graham had gone with Joseph. He told me that the operation had taken a little longer due to my fibroids getting in the way. Apparently one was quite big and covering my cervix which may have caused problems had I not had a section. My midwife had been correct all along. I guess I'm lucky Joseph decided to turn around. I will be speaking with my GP at my 6 week check up about what I should do about my fibroids.

When they'd stitched me up and administered painkilling injections into my stomach they sent me to recovery to be re-united with Graham and our new baby.  I nursed Joseph and spent some time getting to know him. It's not easy when you can't move from the chest down but it's better than having a general anaesthetic and having to 'come round'

It seemed no time at all that we were moved up onto the ward and Graham went off to fetch the girls to come and meet their new baby brother.

So that's it. I was scared but the operation was lovely, very relaxing and just as special as giving birth any other way. I did miss the whole labour thing, and it was quite novel giving birth painlessly. However, given the choice, I'd still go for a vaginal birth. The last week has been awful. Maybe I'm a wimp but I've found the pain I've suffered since the birth almost unbearable. My stomach is one big purple bruise and I feel like my insides are screaming everytime I move. I've hated not being able to move much and getting on with stuff. Sleeping is still an issue, not just because of Joseph, but because it's impossible to get comfortable.

I can feel improvement every day though, and just one week on I'm feeling more mobile and can even get up from sitting down without feeling like I want to howl in pain. Luckily I've had no problems with my wound, it's healing nicely and has barely felt sore. I've had lots of help from Graham and the big kids helped a fair bit during the first few days too. I suppose a week or two of pain isn't much to bear, but I'd rather have a few hours of intense labour and bit of soreness any day.

Now, how about some photo's? I've yet to upload my camera photo's which I'm hoping will be better quality but these were taken on mobile phones so you can get a quick pic.

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