Thursday, 5 August 2010

Stop Start Labour Pains

I was rudely awoken at 4.15 am with a really strong contraction, and had around 5 more before getting up at 6am. Then as soon as I was up they stopped. The same thing happened when I was having Lucy, but they started again at lunchtime and she was born at 8pm. No such luck this time though. They started again around 7.30am and have been going all day but not getting any stronger or closer together. It's getting me down now, I just wish they would progress or go away. I've only got a few days left anyway, but I'll go mad if this continues all the time.

He's still breech, I can feel him kicking me in my 'bits'. In fact it feels quite obvious that he doesn't want to come out yet. But still the pains continue. Positive thinking isn't working, what's the point of me thinking this is my bodies way of preparing me for a quick and easy labour when I'm having a section anyway?

ouch ouch ouch here we go again

phew, they are lasting well over a minute, but staying around 20 minutes apart!

Oh well, time for some more paracetamol and maybe I will put my TENS on later and get some use out of it.

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