Monday, 2 August 2010

Booked in For ELCS Next Monday

I went back to the hospital today, had another scan and found out that my little man is now breach.

The consultant gave me 3 choices;

Deliver breach, which he advised against. I really don't think with all my other problems that I could cope with a breach delivery so I was inclined to agree with him. Maybe if I'd been 20 yrs younger :-(

Have baby turned, which he advised against. Again, something I'm not sure I could cope with and with the success rate being so minimal I think the risks outweigh them, for me anyway. :-(

Have an elective section, the safest option for both me and baby.

So I'm booked in for a section on Monday, baby's due date. He wanted to do it sooner but couldn't fit me in. If I go into labour or my waters break before then I have to go straight in.

I was really upset at first. I had my first baby by emergency section and it was a terrible experience, I didn't bond with him for ages, and had loads of problems after the birth. I know that this time it will be different as it's elective and I have time to prepare. I also realise it's for the best, I really don't want to take any risks. So I have to put my disappointment aside and think of the positives.

So this time next week I will be with my little man, whichever way he arrives it doesn't really matter.

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