Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Getting Fed Up Now

Ok, this pregnancy has gone really fast and I was quite happy to go to full term, but now suddenly I feel like I've had enough. I still love my huge huge bump and feeling Joseph wriggling about inside, and I know I'll miss that when he's out, but I'm just fed up now and want to get on with it and meet my little man.

It might be because of the problems I've experienced, I'm really fed up of going to the hospital and now we are on the 'final countdown' it seems I'm there even more than ever (two appointments this week and the next booked for Monday.)

It might be because I'm fed up of feeling tired and uncomfortable and just want my body back so I can see my feet again, bend down, pick up the girls etc etc.

It might be because I have suddenly developed this incredible fear that something is going to be wrong, or go wrong and I'm so scared I just want it over and safely.

All pretty typical for someone that's over 38 weeks pregnant.

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