Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Growth Scan and other things

First a catch up! Joseph has been kicking and moving like a trouper since my scare last week, little tinker just had a couple of days off but now he's back to his footballing ways.

Also, my rented TENS machine arrived. I've give it the once over so I'm familiar with it. It's a bit different to ones I've used before but no more complicated. This time I've got a MamaTENS, it's a lot smaller too which is nice, just hope I don't lose it.

As I said last week the midwife sent me for a growth scan and that's where I've been today. You don't get to see much at this stage (37 weeks) as everything is so big. We did see his head and his leg, and the sonographer showed us his heart, kidneys and bladder. All was well and he was measuring about 7lb 6oz which is pretty big! Then the sonographer checked the placenta which was fine and the liquor, which was not fine as there was too much. So I was sent to see a consultant at the clinic.

Clinic procedure is to first check blood pressure (fine) and urine which had protein in. It was getting late and all the drs had left so I was sent to triage to be seen. It's becoming like a second home to me now.

I had to have blood tests and I have an appointment to go back on Monday. They are not sure what's wrong but they suspected either gestational diabetes (too late to test me now) or an infection. I came home very late and feeling very deflated again. I was so looking forward to seeing Joseph again but every time I have an appointment there seems like there is something new to worry about.

I guess it would be best if he came out sooner rather than later as it looks like my body is about to give up. But I've got this far so surely I'm not that bad.

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