Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Ante Natal Blues

Had my 36 week check up today. First problem occured when they came to measure baby. My chart is all over the place, first he was big, then he didn't grow, then he caught up, then 2 weeks ago he was measuring 36 weeks and now this week he's only measuring 33 weeks. The midwife explained that it's an unreliable way of measuring (fundal height) but because of the differences she's sending me for a growth scan.

Then she asked about movements and I had to tell her there had been a reduction. In fact yesterday I got worried when he didn't move all day, then around 3pm I had a glass of really cold water and he rewarded me with a few kicks. It was the same today, he didn't kick me or move all night and this morning I felt a little movement but then nothing up until my appointment which was at 2pm. So midwife sent me off to triage for monitoring. No soon as I was hooked up to the machine he went bonkers and barely stopped moving, he kicked the monitor off twice! I swear all babies need to get them going is to be hooked up to a monitor. Of course when I got home he didn't move again until just now, he's having a little jiggle. They said at the hospital that unless he starts moving more regular then I'll have to go in for daily monitoring. No thanks, move little man, move, move move.

I'm just waiting for my TENS to arrive and the school term to end then he's very welcome to come out and meet us.

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