Monday, 5 July 2010

35 days to go!

Today I am exactly 35 weeks.
I think I'm prepared, well almost. I've decided that today it's time to get Joseph's bedding sorted out. I'm using a moses basket that I had for Lucy but I have a new rocking crib too. All the baby clothes are washed and now I'm in that panic stage, do I have enough? I have loads of babygro's from tiny baby to 3-6 months size. Covered in every event :-) I don't have many outfits but then I don't usually bother until baby is at least few weeks old. Especially in the summer, babygro's and bodysuits will do fine. It's going to be weird buying boys clothes, it's been 22 years since my last son was born!

My hospital bag is packed. I travel light, just the bear essentials. I post on a forum and I can't believe the size of some of the lists people have posted. I'm planning on a one night stay (depending on time of arrival). If it's any longer then Graham will have to come home and fetch more stuff. I have one medium sized bag and won't even take my handbag, there is a large pocket I can fit my purse and phone in. I will pop in some snacks this time though, I've not done that before and I know you can hungry waiting for the hospital to feed you.

Every day now I'm getting twinges, the braxton hicks get pretty strong at times, but I'm old hand at this to know when it's the real thing or not. I'm quite excited about the labour and birth, it's something I love doing. Oh, I know it hurts but it's one of those things you have to endure because the results are just so amazing. I don't mind pain when it has a purpose. I'm just waiting now for my TENS to arrive, it will all seem so imminant then.

Will Joseph arrive early like his sister Lucy (38 weeks) or on time like his sister's Leila and Cassie-Ann....or because he's a boy maybe he will be late like his big brother Craig? I have a feeling he will be early....who knows? Que sera sera

I just know I can't wait to meet him now :-)

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