Friday, 2 July 2010

Introducing Baby Number Five

Hi there, I'm currently 34 weeks and 4 days pregnant with baby number five and thought it was time I gave him his own blog. Well, it won't just be him I write about because I do actually have four other children as well :-)

I had two of my children in my 20s then I had a little break of 16 years before having baby number three with a new partner. Soon after came baby number four and that's where I was planning to stay. After all, time was catching up with me and I knew too well of the risks of pregnancy when your older. BUT, one day I said my partner, if we got the girls (baby no3 and 4) a bunk bed we'd be able to fit another bed in there.....ooops, I was pregnant within a month!!!

Let me introduce my 'babies' to you.
First along was my son Craig, now 22 yrs
Second was my daughter Cassie-Ann now 21 yrs
Third was my daughter Lucy Rose now 4 yrs
Fourth was my daughter Leila Jean now 2 yrs
Five is another boy and we are going to call him Joseph Frederick, he's due on 9th August, 38 days from now.

So, as I said I'm over 34 weeks now and time seems to have flown by. I found out I was pregnant just before Christmas. I'd been decorating the living room all week and it was wearing me out. I couldn't understand why I had no energy. Then at the end of the week I realised I'd been so busy I'd missed the non arrival of my period and I was 5 days late. As I'm never late I sent the other half out to get a test and it was positive. We kept it quiet until after Christmas but soon had to start telling as I started showing pretty early on, about 11 weeks! That's what happens when you have loads of kids your body just kind of gives up, saying here we go again and pop goes the belly.

Fist concerns about the pregnancy begin when I had the triple blood test at 12 weeks. It came back high and we went to the hospital to talk about further testing. We decided against it as we wouldn't terminate anyway.

Everything then went smoothly up to my 20 week scan. With my girls I'd had a fraughtful first trimester with loads of bleeding, but this one was plain sailing, I didn't even have morning sickness. Then at 20 weeks baby looked absolutely fine and we were told he was a boy. Then they spotted a fibroid rather close to my cervix and said it may cause problems. The sonographer fetched someone else to look who then spotted that my cervix was funneling (opening and closing at the top) The consultant told me that I was at risk of miscarriage at any time. I came out feeling really distressed.

The next day I woke up feeling really ill and ended up back at the hospital. It turned out I'd got a UTI and I was given anti-biotics. I was offered a cervical stitch because of the funneling but I declined as I thought the risk of the stitch was higher than my risk of miscarriage. Then even though I was really ill for a few days I managed to regain my positivity.

I didn't miscarry (obviously or I wouldn't be writing this now) and things seem to carry on quite smoothly. At 28 weeks I was taken off high risk at the hospital which meant I could have my ante natal care with my local mw at the end of my street. At 31 weeks the mw was concerned that baby hadn't grown since 28 weeks so she had me back two weeks later to check. He was fine, he'd caught up again, but then she spotted my fibroid had grown so sent me to the hospital again. The consultant was very dismissive and said it was unlikely the fibroid had been felt by the mw and it was pointless scanning because they wouldn't find anything. So now I just have to wait and see what happens at the birth.

And there we have it, a long first post but it's been a long time. Soon I will be meeting my little man and I want to share the journey.

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