Thursday, 9 December 2010

17 weeks/4months

Joseph almost slept through the night last night. He went to sleep around 8pm, I gave him a dream feed at 11pm and he didn't wake until 5am. I usually get up around 6am anyway. If he continues to do this (fingers tightly crossed because I'm fed up of getting up at 3am) then I might start dropping his dream feed. I'll probably have weaned him before then though.

I think he may be teething. He's constantly dribbling and chewing on his fingers, blanket or muslin. If he gets distressed it usually a little Dentinox rubbed in his gums that settles him. Leila cut her first tooth at 4 months so it won't be a surprise. Although I should have learnt by now that all kids are different and you can't make comparisons.

I was talking with Graham today and we decided that it was quite obvious which kids took after who, my eldest son takes after me, he has my mum's colouring and even looks like my brothers. So although he doesn't look like me he definately has the majority of my genes. My eldest daughter looks like me but has her dad's eyes and is very like him in her personality. Considering he left us when she was really young it has to be in the genes (score one for the nature side of the nurture/nature debate)
Lucy looks like me and acts like me, she has my temperament and everyone who knew me as a child says she is like me all over again. The  difference is her hair, it's definately from her daddy's side and so are her blue eyes. Leila is a trickier one, she's got my hair and eyes, but her personality is much more like her daddy's. So what of Joseph? We are split on this because he seems to change all the time. He looked just like his daddy at one point but now people say he looks like Leila. As for his personality, we have a long wait on that!

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