Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Weeks 15 and 16

My poor little man has been ill again. Last week there was a bug going around the whole family, Leila was off nursery all week, Lucy only went to school one day, even the grown-ups had poorly days. It was a miserable week. Then on Sunday Joseph got sick. I took the girls back to school on Monday and tried to get an appointment with the dr for Joe. forty minutes on the phone until I got through and all appointments were gone. They said the dr would call back but I had to call again to remind them as it was approaching lunch time and I'd still not had a call. The dr did call and told me to take him up during lunch time (the surgery closes for an hour) It was good because I didn't have to wait to be seen, there was no-one else there.
Joseph got penicillin for his chest, iboprofen for his temperature and kaolin for his upset tum. He's been taking them all like a trouper and now almost 4 days later he is looking much better.

He's holding himself up really well now, it won't be long before he can sit alone. I've bought him a play ring to sit in for Christmas. I'd love to use it now, but I have to keep it for a few more weeks.

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