Monday, 27 December 2010

Joseph's first Christmas.

Of course he didn't have a clue what was going on but he must have sensed something because he woke up and waited until the girls had opened all their presents before having his first bottle of the day and he didn't complain. He had some lovely gifts, mostly clothes and a few teddys but he also had an inflatable ring which he can sit in and play with toys. And he had a big blue elephant with crinkly ears which he loves. It also has a rattle on it's trunk and other bits and pieces, but Joseph just loves his ears so far.

My last post was 22nd December, on the 23rd I had to take Joseph to the drs because he couldn't keep a single feed down and he had terrible diarhorrea. The dr said he had gastronentritis but it was in the early stages and could either get better or much worse. Well, it took a while to get better, but he didn't really get much worse. I managed to keep him from dehydrating anyway. He hasn't been sick for just over a day now so fingers crossed it's over.

Also since my last post Joseph has had a tooth appear! It's a bottom front one, I thought there was two at first but the other one hasn't quite broken through yet so it doesn't count.

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