Saturday, 7 January 2012

Lucy and Craige

Lucy got upset this evening because she wanted to put her wii on. We have set times when she is allowed to play and Saturday evening isn't one of them. I offered her the chance to play it earlier and she declined deciding to watch recorded Pokemon programs instead. She like to watch her big brother Craige play his games and this week has given up her wii time to watch him instead, but he wasn't playing it today. So Lucy got really upset and no matter what we did we couldn't calm her. I had to make her sit on the stairs for a few minutes to calm down. This is where Craige found her and within a couple of minutes he'd managed to calm her down and she was fine for the rest of the evening. I'm thinking that because they are so similar and both have ASDs they have a connection in some way. Craige can calm Lucy when everyone else fails, but he wouldn't know where to start with Leila or Joseph.

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