Saturday, 21 January 2012

Still Waiting...

Joseph is still not walking yet but he can stand alone for a few seconds. We've managed to get him to take one or two stumbling steps but he doesn't seem keen on letting go. He has his push along walker which he takes all around the house.....he can walk, so why doesn't he? I had some reservations to begin with but he's coming along in leaps and bounds now, he's trying to talk with new words appearing every day, they dissapear just as quickly but I'm sure they'll stick around soon. He can build with his bricks and his mega bloks, he can feed himself with a spoon, he can climb upon the settee so many new things he's learnt in such a short time. Even his sleeping pattern is improving, he's waking only 3 times now instead of 4, hopefully it will soon be even less, I've given up on him sleeping through just yet. I'm thinking of getting him a bed instead of a cot to sleep in, that seemed to help with the girls. We've yet to work out where we will fit another bed though.

Leila came home from school unwell yesterday and was sick early this morning and throughout the day. No doubt it will pass around the family. She's feeling quite chirpy now though and asking for yoghurt and chocolate cake!

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