Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Occupational Therapy

I had to take Lucy to see an occupational therapist yesterday as part of her assessment. I took her out of school just before lunch and just the two of us went to the clinic. It was really nice to spend some time alone with her, I should make an effort to do it more often, and to spend more time alone with Leila too.
The assessment went quite well. Lucy does not have a lot of physical problems, it's just when she doesn't want to do something you can't make her no matter what. She has trouble getting dressed/undressed by herself but I've perservered and so has the school and now she can do most things herself, she's just  a little slow.
Her main problem at the moment is the way she holds things, like pencils and cutlery. She needs to be taught how to hold them properly and then her writing and eating will be less messier. There was also some concerns about her posture and that she doesn't cross over. I was a bit confused here and I'd never noticed it myself but if you put something to the side of her she doesn't cross over to reach it.
Again it was noticed that she has weak core muscles, so we must continue working on those. She is getting a little better at balancing though.
The outcome is that the therapist will see Lucy in school for a few sessions to help her and show her teachers how to help her.

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