Sunday, 29 January 2012

Things we say in our house! For Special Saturday


Lucy do you need the toilet?

don't forget to wipe and flush

I'll get you some clean pants

stop sucking your hands

stop sucking your jumper

stop sucking the remote

hands out please (of knickers)

Craige is in bed

you can't bother Craige

Craige is sleeping

Craige is at college

Craige needs some peace and quiet now

do your coat back up it's cold

put your coat back on it's cold

please stop copying everything I say

you have to go to school

you have to go out

you can't stay in all the time

no, Craige can't look after you, you have to go out

please stop making that silly noise

please stop saying the same thing over and over



mummy (me 'yes')

mummy (me 'yes Lucy')

mummy (me, 'what do you want Lucy?')

Can I get Craige

Can Craige help me

I want to call Craige

will you call Craige

I'm not going out

I don't want to go to school

nobody likes me

nobody plays with me

I'm not Lucy I'm Fox

I'm not Lucy I'm Sonic

(me 'what would you like for dinner?) chicken dippers, pizza, sausages and beans

I'm not using that toothpaste it's not got stripes



Mummy, Lucy won't let me play

Mummy, Lucy hit me

Mummy, Lucy won't talk to me

Mummy, Lucy kicked me

Mummy, Lucy said a naughty word

This post is for Special Saturday, an online ‘global’ campaign that aims to raise awareness of children and adults living with special needs.

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  1. That is a fantastic list and great way to lay it out. I gather Craige is the favoured one. :)