Sunday, 25 March 2012

Family Party

We generally have a big family party every year and I always make an effort to attend, otherwise I don't suppose I would see anyone. Last night it was the 50th wedding anniversary party for my aunt and uncle.
We left the house at 7.30pm which is normally the time we put the little ones to bed. The older ones came too and I think it's the first time all seven of us have been out together.
The girls were straight on the dance floor as soon as we arrived, playing with the balloons and chasing the disco lights. We put Joseph down and he kept making a run for the door. Maybe he just wanted to leave? Maybe he was just curios about the stairs leading outside. He loves climbing up stairs but hasn't managed going down yet, perhaps he wanted to practice. So we spent the first hour chasing after him!
Then he got tired so we put him in his puschair and within 10 minutes he was fast asleep.
The girls kept going until about 9.30pm then cuddled up to their big brother and fell asleep. He escaped leaving them cuddled up together. None of them woke until we got them ready to leave at around 11.15pm. Other kids the same age and younger were running around all night, but I guess my lot just can't take the pace :-)

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  1. My two are the same as yours. As all of the other kinds run around, mine are fast asleep... :o)
    I thought that only mine are that way... I'm glad to hear they're not... :o)