Saturday, 10 March 2012

My Walking Man

Joseph is gaining so much confidence every day, I'd even go as far as to say he walks more than he crawls now :-) He's still unsteady but he's getting there and I'm so proud of him. He'll even walk outside if you hold his hand.

That's the good news, the bad news is Lucy. She's just getting worse every day. She is getting up so early now, she used to do that before but we had a deal that she had to stay in bed until 6am and then she could read quietly. So long as she didn't wake her brother and sister up then it was ok. Now she just will not be quiet, she'll bang her head on the sideboard, throw books and toys from her bunk, bounce her legs up and down and whine constantly. I've tried everything, ignoring her, threatening her, bribing her, nothing works. When we get up she has to sit and do nothing until 6am. I will not allow the tv or DS on, she's not allowed to play, and I won't get her breakfast. I try to make it as boring as possible to prevent her from wanting to get up. Of course she continues to play up downstairs, but she's not disturbing anyone so I let her get on with it.
Then there is the fighting, she's become a real bully towards Leila, getting angry and violent if Leila doesn't do what she wants her to do.
She wants to go outside all the time, only in the garden,  but she seems to have so much energy to burn and she has free reign to make as much noise and run about as much as she likes outside, so the slightly warmer weather has been a godsend the past couple of weeks. Although the weather doesn't bother Lucy, she's go out in freezing cold wind or rain.
Today is first time in ages she has spent any time at all on her Wii. Maybe she's burnt out and needs to chill?

In a couple of weeks we have a meeting with her teacher, the SENCO and the Autism and Communication team at the school. It will be interesting to see if they think she is progressing or not. She's definitely not getting any better at home I can only wistfully hope that she's ok at school.

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