Thursday, 22 March 2012

Lucy's Review

Today I had review at the school with Lucy's teacher, the Special Education Needs Co-ordinator and a member from the Autism and Communication team.
It went really well, Lucy is doing ok at school, she's about average on all her work. Her teacher says that if she was co-operative every day then she'd be above average, but her off days mean she falls behind a little. She is a lot happier at school now, and I rarely get any trouble with her in the mornings before school.
The Autism lady has been observing Lucy at school over the past few months and has highlighted her problems, which, thankfully, were not too bad. She has now worked with the SENCO to put into action the things that will help Lucy in school. One of which is weekly sessions in small groups to encourage Lucy to interact with her peers and hopefully make some friends.
She also gets physiotherapy at school and her teacher informs me that they have just bought some new equipment including a bike which helps develop core muscles which she ordered with Lucy in mind.
I've also been offered some help in getting Lucy's inserts for her flat feet, I've tried for weeks to get another appointment after getting the date wrong on the first one.
The next big step is moving class and changing teacher in September. Lucy has been in the same class with the same teacher for two years now so it's a big change for her. Currently she is refusing the move but they are working with her to make the transition less painful for her. She is spending time with her new teacher and time in the new class room so things will not be so alien to her. (I wish I'd had this sort of help at school, I still remember now how scared I was of moving class and changing teacher!)
In conclusion it was a positive meeting and I left with a contact for the Autism lady so I can call her with non-school related problems.....ah where do I start?

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