Friday, 18 May 2012

Bread and Fish

Sometimes it's like feeding the five thousand in my home. Not only do I have a big family but we have a small budget and an abundance of fussy eaters.
Big son (ASD) will eat most things, although he does eat one thing at a time on his plate, for example, he will eat all his carrots before starting on his potatoes or his meat. He is not keen on rice and he likes cheese in his mash, otherwise he's not that difficult to feed. Leila is not a fussy eater and will try anything, when smaller she liked to eat from my plate, the rest of the family complained but I think it's turned out well because now she will try anything, she's not afraid of new things. Lucy (ASD) on the other hand has the same food over and over because she doesn't like trying new things. I'm not too worried because she eats a lot of fruit and vegetables. The thing she lacks most is dairy but she does eat cheese so that's something. She only eats chicken and fish which limits her somewhat. Put something new in front of her and she's not even willing to try it. Joseph was a late weaner, he didn't like purees so I couldn't really give him much other than baby rusks until he was seven months old when he started to eat soft foods he could pick up himself. He loves his vegetables and will try most things I give him. I guess the weirdest thing about him is he doesn't like biscuits! All the little ones love bread with nothing on it.
Daddy is allergic to fish and mummy will eat anything!

Big daughter has always been the biggest problem eater in the house, as a child she went through a stage of refusing anything but beetroot. It didn't last long but that's how it's been, she'll fall in love with a food eat it until she's sick of it, then never touch it again. She complains about everything I cook, even if she really likes it (this is really lovely but it's not quite hot enough) She has had counselling over her eating habits, visited nutritionists, been given supplement milkshakes, but nothing makes any difference. She just has a weird relationship with food, I guess it will be with her forever.

I often find myself cooking at least three different meals at a time which can be quite stressful. The only thing we all eat is pizza, but we don't have it too often because it's not so healthy (and mummy doesn't enjoy it as much as everyone else)


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  1. I recognise lots here, especially the pizza thing! And my AS son will only eat bread or sandwiches with NO butter :)

  2. Hard work Anne! I can't imagine what it's like menu-planning in your household...