Thursday, 3 May 2012

A Kissin and a Huggin!

Last night as I was taking Lucy to bed she turned and kissed me, then gave me a lovely hug. Nothing unusual you might think, but I was really taken aback. I can't remember the last time she did that. It's not that we don't kiss and cuddle, but I have to ask, and she has to accept, and even then it's like hugging an ironing board. For her to initiate the process is a real bonus.

Tomorrow Lucy will have her first occupational therapy session at school, I will get feedback on how she gets on. She is already getting physiotherapy at school and has now asked to join gym club, this is great progress seeing as just a few months ago I had difficulty getting her to go into school on days with p.e. She is gaining confidence in her own body.
In a couple of weeks we have an appointment with the podiatrician for her inserts. This is a long time in coming as I accidently turned up on the wrong day last time which was last October. So maybe if we can get her physically corrected then maybe other things will improve too. I live in hope.

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