Saturday, 12 May 2012

Special Friendships, A Special Saturday Post

When I was expecting my first born child I became friends with another woman expecting her first child too. Our children became good friends and grew up together. They went to different schools and had different friends but always had time for each other.
When my son's differences started becoming more apparent and most of his small friends just didn't understand him or want anything to do with him, this one friend always stuck by him. He still called around to play, stayed over, had my son stay over at his and they enjoyed each others company.
My son gradually got worse and the other lad became more grown up, but he still took time out to check up on his friend.
When he was sixteen my son's friend joined the army, and he's still there seven years later. He's not around much these days but he still takes the time to pop by and visit my son, his friend. I truly appreciate this young man's friendship with my son, and I'm sure my son appreciates it too.


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  1. What a wonderful young man he sounds. Your son is very lucky. x

  2. To have a friend like that - I think is everybody's wish. I wish to have a friend like that and I have friends... Your son is really wery lucky.