Thursday, 2 August 2012

A few of Our Favourite Things

I was just going to post about Joseph's shoe fetish, yep, he's only (almost) two and already obsessed with shoes. Then I decided to post about all three little ones current favourite things. Then maybe I'll review it in a year or so and see if anything has changed.

So first up, the Little Man Joe. As I've already said, he loves shoes, he has five pairs of his own, but he will also wear either of his sister's shoes, his daddy's shoes (phewy) or his mummy's shoes. He's really not fussy. I really must get some photo's of him in all his different footwear. They don't even have to match. His next most favourite thing is his Happyland Train set which I bought him for Christmas. He loved it then and he loves it now. When he was little he was able to sit inside the track and watch the train go around. He's a bit bigger now, but that means he can build the track up himself. The train goes everywhere with him (although not to bed because it is noisy.) You just have to put the driver in and off it goes, but it will work with anything so long as it fits inside, building blocks are a good size. He loves putting the train on the radiator and watching go along and fall off the other end, this is really noisy though and he often gets his train confiscated if he tries it too much. Finally, he has a love of batteries. From an early age he would grab a screwdriver from the kitchen drawer and attempt to open his toys to get the batteries out. We have had move the screwdrivers now because obviously you can't trust a 1 year old with them. Every toy he picks up he points to the bottom and says batteries, even if they don't use them, he knows what makes things work.

Next up is Lucy. I think having older siblings has had a big effect on her, she loves anything to do with gaming and her prized possessions are her Wii and her DS. She loves Mario, Sonic and Pokemon and has all sorts of soft toys, some hand downs from her siblings, some she has collected herself. She often pretends to be her favourite characters. Another favourite is her 'sleep' bear, Bonnie. This was a bear we bought for her when she was born from the Bear Factory and it's been by her side every night since. Bonnie has had several outfits, from cheerleader to princess, but usually ends up in just her bear skin. Bonnie is necessary to make sure that Lucy has lovely dreams, hence she calls her a 'sleep' bear and can't go to sleep without her.

Finally, Leila. She's quite fickle and her favourite things change regularly. She too has a 'sleep' bear though, hers is called Sweetie, although, unlike Lucy she can sleep without Sweetie. To get to sleep Leila has to have Tiger Rory  (Rory the Tiger from Haven Holiday Camp) which we bought her a couple of years ago. She's had new tigers with different outfits, but the original one is her favourite. Leila is currently a big Hello Kitty fan and her birthday was based around this, she received lots of Hello Kitty toys. I do think this is going to be a passing phase though, we'll see.

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