Sunday, 26 August 2012

Lucy's 7th Birthday

I'm finding it so hard to believe that Lucy is now 7 years old. Where has the time gone?
Her birthday started in the usual way, Lucy woke up early and I came downstairs with her. Her present were waiting for her and she was able to open them herself without Leila and Joseph's interference as they were still sleeping. Leila was a little upset when she got up and Lucy had opened her presents, but she soon got over it. Lucy was much worse when it was Leila's birthday and got very jealous as she watched her open her presents.
One of my presents to Lucy was a Fur Real Puppy Dog. She had asked for this and it was her main present but to be honest she's not paid it much interest, She also had a swimming mermaid doll and couldn't wait to get in the bath to play with it. It's been abandoned since. I bought her some Playdough because she requested it and it has been the most played with, not only by Lucy but Leila and Joseph love it too. Gifts from other people included a scooter, an art kit, lots of clothing, a stone painting set, a cuddly rabbit and some smaller bits and pieces (make-up, pens, a little pony, an alien in an egg etc.)
We didn't really do anything on her birthday as it was a miserable wet day and we are having a couple of days out next week so I thought I'd save my money.
On Saturday we had a little party for her. I sent out sixteen invitations in the last week of school but only had four replies. We had some rejections from a few friends too so I knew that not many were going to turn up. Just before the party was about to start we had a massive thunderstorm and Lucy was crying because she thought no-one would come in the rain. Then right on time, three of her friends turned up. So with Lucy, Leila and Joseph we had a party for six. Despite the low number we still had fun, decorating ponies, playing pass-the-parcel, musical statues, musical bumps and hunt the apples for the ponies. Then Lucy put her Just Dance game on and they all danced along. Finally the sun had dried up the garden  little and they went out to play on the swings.
I think Lucy enjoyed herself although it was hard to tell. She didn't really speak much to her friends and is not very good at party games, but there were plenty of smiles from her.
So that's my little ones parties over for another year and if I'm honest, it's really worn me out this year. I might have to think of something different for the future.
Here are a few pictures, including the cake which I made myself. (see how here)


  1. What a lovely cake! Sounds like a great day, happy birthday to her x