Monday, 27 August 2012

Plea for old Mobile Phones

I've just joined a scheme in which you can exchange old mobile phones in return for an ipad. I believe that Lucy, my 7ry old daughter with autism, would benefit from having an ipad and some of the excellent apps that I've been reading about. I know she sometimes uses an ipad at school and her teacher has some special apps for her. She needs extra help with learning how to understand other people and communicating with them. She is verbal but doesn't understand social cues. Also, I believe that her education would be improved as she would put more effort into her work if she was doing it on an ipad. She definitely a gadget girl.
Unfortunately at this time buying an ipad for her is out of my budget, so I was happy to find this scheme run by Hearts and Minds. I would like to collect 175 phones for an ipad with the Grace app.
This is not going to be an easy task so I'm asking everyone everywhere to help if they can.
The phones do not have to be working but they do need to be less than 10 years old and have a battery. I do not need any sim cards.
I have entry forms for a competition where you could win your mortgage paid for a year which I will fill in for anyone kind enough to donate a phone.
I am willing to pay postage for mobiles sent to me. They don't need to be in boxes or have any special packaging (just bubble wrap and brown paper would do) and they can be posted second class, or as cheaply as possible.

So, can you help? Do you know anyone who might be able to help that you could pass this message on to? If you can I would love to hear from you at okesanne (at)

Thank you xx

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