Saturday, 11 August 2012

Baby Number 5 turned two

My little man had his second birthday. It has all gone by so fast.
He was so excited when he got up in the morning and saw all his presents. His big sisters helped him open them and he was thrilled with everything. I bought him a 'work bench' which has a hammer, drill, saw and screwdriver and makes loads of noise. He also had a Thomas The Tank Engine with Harold the helicopter which he loved.
We didn't have a party for him, I did feel a little bad about that but with Lucy and Leila's parties just weeks apart it's always going to be difficult fitting one in for Joseph too. I'm not sure what I will do in the future. I did think it would be nice to get together with his little friend for a tea party or picnic but his friend is on holiday :-(
Still, he had a lovely day and was spoiled all day. I made him a fire truck cake and his face when we lit the candle and all sang Happy Birthday was an absolute picture. He even clapped his hands in delight and joined in with hip hip hoorays.
I still can't believe he is two already.

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