Thursday, 30 August 2012

She's a Daytripper!

one way ticket yeah! It took me soooo long to find out....
Sorry, got a bit carried away there, that's what happens when you go sight seeing in Liverpool.
Daddy of babies 3,4 and 5 is a big Beatles fan...pah! At least I was born when they were around ;-)
So when deciding where to go on a day trip (which didn't involve a beach as we fancied something different) we chose Liverpool. I've only been to Liverpool once before and that was February of this year, but I was taking eldest son to the airport, and I really only saw the airport and the train station.

We arrived just after 11 am and headed straight for Albert Docks. On arrival, Leila read the sign as Albert Ducks and gave us a giggle. We had fun watching the Yellow Duck Marine plunge into the water and all it's passengers squeeling. We wanted to ride but it wasn't advisable for younger children, and I didn't want to stay behind with Joseph, so that's something we'll try next time. We also had a peek at the Yellow Submarine (which was not actually a submarine but a boat.) We visited the Beatles Story and bought a couple of souvenirs before taking a walk around the docks.

We walked into the town centre and had lunch at a place of the kids choosing...Mc Donalds!  Then we found a mini fair and the girls had a ride on the Helterskelter and then a turn at Hook-A-Duck. 
After we headed of to the Cavern quarter. We had a walk around and then headed down into the Cavern. It was dark, hot and smelly (beer) and Lucy really couldn't handle it. I could see her heading for a meltdown so we left again quickly. As Daddy really really wanted to go there I told him to go back and I'd take the kids to do some shopping/browsing. Leila wanted to go back in too so he took her and she loved it. Meanwhile we had a walk around some more touristy shops while we waited.

WE finished our day by visiting the World Museum. We started at the top in Space and worked our way down through dinosaurs, ancient Egypt and Greece, Natural History and the Aquarium. 

Just before we caught the train home we found a water feature that people were running through so we had to have a turn.

We had a really fun day and the kids were so well behaved. We had very few problems with Lucy, apart from in the Cavern but we could fully understand that. She also had some knee pain from walking, and a couple of times she became upset but nothing too bad. They were even well behaved on the train journey there and back. Joseph was the only one who got bored, but hey, he's only two.
I'd definitely visit Liverpool again, there was so much to choose from to do, we didn't get around to much at all. 

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